About fastinform

Over the past few months, we have assembled a small team to tackle a big problem: how could we help people stay continuously on top of any topic?

We set out to build a system to let people get updated instantly whenever important new information was published, allowing them to develop expertise on any subject:

We wanted fastinform to be useful but also easy to use. So we developed a system where users pick the topics they're interested in following and narrow the kinds of sources they want to read, and then we take care of delivering content fast.

We look for new information from government sources, universities, courts, financial disclosures, news reports and many other places. We sort articles by an algorithm that includes time and relevance, so that users can quickly get alerted of important developments.

Currently in beta, we hope fastinform can become an essential tool for people who need to develop a competitive edge through early awareness about emerging developments in an interest area or a professional field.

fastinform will be available as a free, basic version and as a subscription based premium version with more advanced features and team functionalities.

We welcome your feedback: feedback@fastinform.com

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