Electrochemistry yields better readouts for CRISPR-powered disease diagnostics

By Nick Gallagher

Frozen frog–inspired material could improve cryopreservation of cells and organs

By Asher Jones

Blind patient regains partial vision with help from new gene-therapy techniques

By Miles Martin

The future of cancer treatment may lie in genetically engineered bacteria

By Kevin Wheeler

Quick blood-typing device can help bleeding patients en route to the ER

By Monisha Ravisetti

Digital COVID-19 test designed to alleviate pandemic's burden on developing countries

By Monisha Ravisetti

This AI model can quickly read chest X-rays in intensive care

By Tara DiMaio

A newly developed molecule fights HIV by targeting infected cells hiding from the immune system

By Kate Baggaley

DNA galleries curated in liquid nitrogen preserve biological data for decades

By Monisha Ravisetti

Wireless sensors for pregnant women could revolutionize medical monitoring

By Miles Martin

Breakthrough tissue-engineering method could regrow muscles with tissue alone

By Howard Hardee

Scientists find genetic link between BMI and sleep duration in children

By Beth Newhart

New software automates the trickiest parts of 'RNA origami' inside cells

By Tara DiMaio

Ultrafast platform enables real-time tracking of COVID-19 strains for contact tracing

By Nick Gallagher

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