The National Credit Union Administration reported a second-quarter equity ratio close to dangerous levels as a result of the pandemic, and temporarily amended lending regulations for U.S. real estate transactions.

The U.S. Federal Reserve should conduct stress tests of banks to measure resilience to climate change risks and incorporate those issues when setting monetary policy, a group of key Democratic senators said.

A group of U.S. federal regulators assured banks that they would not have to alter legal requirements concerning anti-money laundering risk for “politically exposed persons,” after the issue has surfaced with a spate of high-profile investigations.

The National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions sent a letter to U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday asking them to consider a bill that would exempt credit unions from the current expected credit loss standard, which the trade group claims is unnecessarily complex for credit unions.

A U.S. financial standards body is considering whether to extend loan accommodations across the country in response to the continued coronavirus pandemic, according to a set of new principles released Monday.

A U.S. federal judge allowed a national credit union insurer to move forward with a lawsuit against U.S. Bank over alleged mishandling of $4.7 billion in residential mortgage-backed securities dating to before the 2008 financial crisis, paring down some claims in a ruling Thursday.

A U.S.-based credit union that caters to countries in the United Nations will grow its cross-border money transfer services beyond emerging markets through an expanded partnership with Thunes, a Singapore-based startup.

A leading U.S. banking trade group is asking federal regulators to drop proposed rule changes that would allow credit unions to raise unsecured debt, warning that such changes could result in credit unions that are run more “bank-like.”

Credit unions in the U.S. struggled in the first quarter with falling loan demand and declining yields on assets, the National Credit Union Administration said in its latest financial report on the industry.

Banks could face greater risk of litigation and reputational damage if they do not implement better plans for replacing the world’s most-quoted interest rate, top U.S. financial regulators said Wednesday.

The National Credit Union Administration said on Monday that it would immediately begin processing a wider group of credit union membership applications after the Supreme Court declined to hear a key challenge from the American Bankers Association.

U.S. federal and state financial regulators are revising policies for bank examiners to require them to include consideration of the impact of COVID-19 on the sector in their reports.

Assets in minority depository institutions, which typically operate in areas underserved by traditional banks, grew by 5.3% last year to $40.5 billion, while mergers reduced the number of locations, the National Credit Union Administration said.

A leading group representing the U.S. banking industry voiced “vigorous” opposition to a new rule that would make it easier for credit unions to acquire banks, claiming that the measure would encourage credit unions to target wealthy customers instead of poorer communities.

The Export-Import Bank of the United States and the National Credit Union Administration signed a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday aimed at helping credit unions make better use of EXIM export financing products.

A credit-union trade group on Thursday asked U.S. federal regulators to extend a grace period for completing real estate appraisals so its members can meet mortgage demand during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Federal regulators are reinstating some supervision and examination procedures that were put on hold as credit unions struggled to help members weather the effects of COVID-19, according to a letter sent Thursday.

For credit unions struggling for relief from the COVID-19 economic fallout, the National Credit Union Administration is recommending the Central Liquidity Facility, a liquidity lender within the NCUA that is modeled after what the Federal Reserve System does for member banks.

U.S. banking regulators said Tuesday that they will temporarily allow banks to put off getting appraisals until after a mortgage closes in an effort to promote lending activity during the COVID-19 pandemic.