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Audi to Ax Artemis AV Project as Volkswagen Group CEO Oliver Blume Rethinks Strategy

12/05/2022 — As Volkswagen Group’s dreams to crack autonomous driving have evaporated, along with Herbert Diess’ career, it’s high time for new CEO Oliver Blume to act. According to
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Ford disbands Argo AI autonomous vehicle unit, posts loss

10/27/2022 — DETROIT — Ford said Wednesday that it is disbanding Argo AI, an autonomous vehicle company that it co-owns with Volkswagen. Executives said they don't see a path to
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Zoox gives first rides in purpose-built AVs

02/14/2023 — designed vehicle, that can never be operated with a safety driver behind the wheel, Zoox’s testing fleet had to be precisely designed so that the autonomous driving knowledge it
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Drivers woefully overestimate hands-free driver tech, study shows

10/11/2022 — of advanced driver assistance systems—aka ADAS—has happened in parallel to the development of fully autonomous driving technology. Many ADAS features are safety oriented
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SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Pomerantz Law Firm Reminds Shareholders with Losses on their Investment in Tesla, Inc. of Class Action Lawsuit and Upcoming Deadline - TSLA

03/22/2023 — storage, solar panels and roof tiles, and related products and services. In 2014, Tesla announced Tesla Autopilot ("Autopilot"), a suite of purportedly advanced driver
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Automotive Artificial Intelligence Global Market Report 2022: Growing Demand for Autonomous Vehicles Driving Sector - ResearchAndMarkets.com

11/09/2022 — driving more autonomous. Using artificial intelligence to develop self-driving automobiles is one of them. A self-driving car (also known as an autonomous car or
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Ottawa company teaching autonomous vehicles to ‘see’ snow, drive in bad weather

03/10/2023 — Technologies Inc. sold its self-driving car division, which had staff in Toronto, to autonomous vehicle startup Aurora in 2020, following an incident where one of its test vehicles
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Systems and methods for braking in an autonomous vehicle

02/17/2023 — vehicle system >110 implemented in a vehicle >100 in accordance with an exemplary embodiment. In various embodiments, the vehicle >100 is an autonomous vehicle
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Self-driving car startup Momenta reportedly seeks $1 billion IPO

03/08/2023 — Momenta, a Chinese autonomous vehicle startup backed by General Motors and SAIC, is looking to raise $1 billion in a US or Hong Kong initial public offering, despite
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Honda teams up with GM on self-driving cars

10/25/2022 — GM’s autonomous vehicle subsidiary, Cruise. GM and Cruise have been building and developing self-driving versions of GM’s Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car with plans to
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12/22/2022 — an autonomous (or even partially autonomous) driving mode and the autonomous vehicle >100 may be configured to execute a second operating system when the autonomous
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This self-driving car technology stock can jump more than 25%, Goldman Sachs says

11/22/2022 — auto tech enabler for ADAS [advanced driver assistance systems] and AV [autonomous vehicle] applications, and we view the company as well positioned for growth given its
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Singapore Autonomous Test Bed for U.S., International Developers

03/09/2023 — autonomous vehicle (AV) technology supplier, is one of many AV developers using Singapore as a test-bed for such vehicles, related sensors and relevant electronic
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Human supervision of an automated driving system

01/03/2023 — computing system >102, and one or more vehicle controls >107. The vehicle computing system >102 can assist in controlling the autonomous vehicle >10. In
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12/15/2022 — about the autonomous driving vehicle >2 to the autonomous driving ECU >20.r />[0036] The external sensor >22 is an in-vehicle sensor that detects an external
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Consumer Reports Warns Tesla AutoPilot Safety is Far Behind Competitors

01/25/2023 — most advanced and best driver assist options, rated Tesla engineering far behind every other car brand. It looks like the general public has finally caught up to technologists, as … Continue reading →
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China Autonomous Driving Simulation Industry Chain Report 2022: Digital Twin Technology will Help to Build More Extreme Test Scenario Combinations for Chinese Companies

03/06/2023 — Driving Simulation 1.1 Overview of Autonomous Driving Simulation Technology 1.2 Significance of Simulation Testing to Autonomous Driving R&D 1.3 Types of Autonomous Driving
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SoftBank and Toyota want driverless cars to change the world

10/25/2022 — globally. SoftBank has already put money into autonomous driving. Its $100 billion tech-focused Vision Fund committed $2.3 billion to General Motors' self-driving car
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China Autonomous Driving Simulation Industry Chain Report 2022: Building a Data Closed Loop for Autonomous Driving Simulation Testing has Become a New Topic in the Industry - ResearchAndMarkets.com

03/07/2023 — DUBLIN--( BUSINESS WIRE )--The "Autonomous Driving Simulation Industry Chain Report (Chinese Companies), 2022" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering
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Overreliance On Software is a Plague on All Industries, But Especially EVs and Airliners

02/26/2023 — factor behind Tesla Autopilot deaths is often overconfidence in the technology on the part of distracted drivers, not so with 737 MAX pilots with years of training under
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12/08/2022 — , when the autonomous vehicle is traveling by the general driving, and may control the autonomous vehicle to perform autonomous driving without change, when the autonomous
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Self-Driving Systems Are a Moral Maze. We Asked an Expert if They’ll Ever Be Safe

03/17/2023 — -driving. Thankfully other mainstream automakers have been much more reserved in their approach to naming autonomous driving systems. Blue Cruise and Super Cruise are much
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Bosch invests in Chinese autonomous driving startup WeRide

03/09/2023 — German auto parts supplier Bosch has invested an undisclosed sum in Chinese autonomous driving startup WeRide to develop advanced self-driving technology for consumer
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BYD and Momenta form autonomous vehicle partnership

03/09/2023 — Chinese automaker BYD has formed a partnership with self-driving startup Momenta to develop “highly intelligent driving systems” for commercial vehicles. The two
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12/29/2022 — , an interest in an autonomous vehicle that drives to a destination by recognizing a driving environment of the vehicle itself without manipulation of a driver is growing
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A Survey on Ground Segmentation Methods for Automotive LiDAR Sensors

01/05/2023 — car. Their 3D point cloud can be very useful in several autonomous driving applications [ 20 , 21 , 22 ], such as obstacles, objects, and vehicles detection [ 23 , 24 , 25
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12/29/2022 — interest in an autonomous vehicle that drives to a destination by recognizing a driving environment of the vehicle itself without manipulation of a driver is growing more and
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Used car prices (finally) cool, the V8 engine’s death draws near and we’re all going hands-free? These are the top car trends of 2023

01/13/2023 — takes off It's been five years since Cadillac introduced the first hands-off driver assist system, but 2023 looks to be the year where these Level 2 Autonomous Driving
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Autonomous vehicle parking and servicing using terminals

02/28/2023 — to an autonomous vehicle using data received from the vehicle; and send a waypoint to the vehicle directing the vehicle to arrive at an identified one of the terminals
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Self-driving truck startup Inceptio raises $188 million in Series B+

03/09/2023 — corporate venture capital arm, Legend Capital. Inceptio also said that it started mass production of heavy-duty trucks with semi-autonomous driving functions with an unnamed
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Moment self-driving Tesla abruptly stops and causes EIGHT-vehicle pileup

01/10/2023 — available to anyone in North America who requests it from the car screen, assuming you have bought this option. Congrats to Tesla Autopilot/AI team on achieving a major
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Self-driving truck startup TuSimple to cut half of workforce: report

03/09/2023 — after years of losses and setbacks in perfecting its autonomous driving systems, according to a Saturday report by The Wall Street Journal. The company, which had a total
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Fully self-driving cars unlikely before 2035, experts predict

03/09/2023 — Businesswoman with laptop working in driverless car The autonomous vehicle (AV) industry will not develop a fully self-driving car until 2035, according to a recent
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Zoox Self-Driving Taxis Finally Hit Public Roads In California

02/14/2023 — controls. The Amazon-owned self-driving company will now use its autonomous vehicle as an employee shuttle, with the vehicle ferrying Zoox full-time employees between the two
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Musk Oversaw Video That Exaggerated Tesla’s Self-Driving, Emails Show

01/19/2023 — defective. The agency upgraded the first — focused on how Tesla Autopilot handles crash scenes with first-responder vehicles — in June of last year. It initiated the other
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Self-driving car startup WeRide raises $400 million in funding round

03/09/2023 — Autonomous vehicle startup WeRide recently closed a $400 million funding round from a diverse group of investors including state-owned automaker GAC and German auto
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10-K - Cyngn Inc. (0001874097) (Filer)

03/17/2023 — . Our Autonomous Vehicle (“AV”) technology is uniquely positioned to capitalize upon these changes by offering a universal autonomy solution that can deliver self-driving
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12/29/2022 — objects. Vehicle >400 is an autonomous vehicle with an MTS radar system >406 for transmitting a radar signal to scan a FoV or specific area. In various examples, the
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Ford CEO channels Elon Musk, saying the automaker's next electric truck will drive itself while you sleep

03/24/2023 — to burn $3 billion on its EV business, known as Model e, this year. The declaration about self-driving tech comes mere months after Ford shut down Argo AI, its autonomous
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10-K - Mobileye Global Inc. (0001910139) (Filer)

03/09/2023 — category - eyes-on/hands-off premium driver assist - enabling hands-free highway driving, for example, and then will gradually extend to other types of roadways, such as rural
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Applications


01/05/2023 — />[0051] Level 1: In a Level 1 vehicle, the driver is ready to take driving control of the autonomous vehicle at any time. The set of ADAS features installed in the autonomous
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L3-level auto-emergency light system for ego vehicle harsh brake

02/17/2023 — emergency light at an autonomous driving vehicle.r />BACKGROUNDr />(2) Vehicles operating in an autonomous mode (e.g., driverless) can relieve occupants, especially the driver
Securities filings > Edgar - 4

497 - iSHARES TRUST (0001100663) (Filer)

12/01/2022 — electric vehicle related industries include (i) autonomous and electric vehicle manufacturers, (ii) autonomous driving technology companies, (iii) electric vehicle battery
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Grants

Method and apparatus for predicting intent of vulnerable road users

02/28/2023 — enter the roadway and cross paths with the vehicle. In another example, the automated driving action might be changing the trajectory of an automated or autonomous vehicle
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Tesla Model S Involved in California Firetruck Crash Suspected of Using Autopilot

03/09/2023 — Tesla Model S. Since Tesla fitted Autopilot hardware on its vehicles starting in September 2014, there’s a high probability that the Tesla Model S involved in the crash was
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Jaguar Land Rover opens three self-driving hubs

02/21/2023 — being developed by many UK tech companies such as Microsoft-backed autonomous vehicle company Wayve , self-driving hydrogen truck startup HVS and software company Oxbotica .
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Applications


01/05/2023 — />[0013] An autonomous vehicle (AV) performs vehicle actions, such as braking, steering, and drive torque application (e.g., throttling), to move the AV from the starting
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Inside Motional’s strategy to bring robotaxis to market

10/13/2022 — Motional, the Hyundai-Aptiv joint venture that aims to commercialize autonomous driving technology, announced last week its partnership with Uber to bring robotaxi
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Applications


12/08/2022 — ranging data to assist in identification of visibility-reducing media in autonomous driving environments.r />BACKGROUNDr />[0002] An autonomous (fully and partially self
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General Motors’ Cruise wants to test its self-driving cars all over California

03/21/2023 — A Cruise AV, General Motor's autonomous electric Bolt EV, is seen in Detroit, on Jan. 16, 2019. General Motors’ Cruise autonomous vehicle unit on Monday asked California
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Ford Establishes Latitude AI to Develop Automated Driving Tech

03/20/2023 — infrastructure, in the pivot to work on advanced driver assist systems (ADAS). Sammy Omari, executive director of ADAS Technologies at Ford, will serve as the CEO of
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Grants

Method for wireless communication of vehicle in autonomous driving system and apparatus thereof

12/27/2022 — composition engine vehicle, a gas turbine vehicle, an electric vehicle, etc. according to types of motors used therefor.r />(4) An autonomous vehicle refers to a self-driving
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Elon Musk Confirms FSD Is Available to Anyone Who Paid For It, Still as Beta Software

11/24/2022 — On November 19, Elon Musk announced Full-Self Driving would have a wide release. At the time, it was not clear if he was talking about Tesla’s advanced driver assistance
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Grants

Dirty monocular camera detection methods for autonomous driving vehicle

02/28/2023 — autonomous mode.r />(14) In one embodiment, ADV >101 includes, but is not limited to, autonomous driving system (ADS) >110, vehicle control system >111
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Grants

Method for localizing a vehicle

02/17/2023 — vehicle >2). The vehicle >2 has a control system for autonomous driving. The vehicle >2 can be described as a client to the server >3 which functions as a host
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AAA Survey Reveals Americans Are Afraid Of Self-Driving Cars

03/03/2023 — and autonomous vehicle companies like Waymo and Cruise . 68% of respondents indicated they are afraid of driving in a self-driving vehicle, an increase on 55% from last
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Ford establishes Latitude AI subsidiary for automated driving tech

03/06/2023 — driver assist systems (ADAS). Sammy Omari, executive director, ADAS Technologies at Ford, also will serve as the CEO of Latitude. Peter Carr is appointed chief technology
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Alibaba-backed self-driving startup DeepRoute.ai is making deliveries for courier Deppon

03/09/2023 — Deppon, a Chinese courier company backed by e-commerce heavyweight JD.com, has had autonomous vehicle startup DeepRoute.ai hauling cargo for it on several routes in
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Grants

Cross-validating sensors of an autonomous vehicle

12/07/2022 — vehicle >102 is operating in an autonomous mode or a non-autonomous mode. Thus, whether the autonomous vehicle >102 is operating by itself or has a driver, the
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03/22/2023 — Sinha, A.; Vu, V.; Chand, S.; Wijayaratna, K.; Dixit, V. A Crash Injury Model Involving Autonomous Vehicle: Investigating of Crash and Disengagement Reports
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Applications


12/29/2022 — , a trajectory for the vehicle, an autonomous driving level, and the driving mode. At step >508 a message frame is created that includes the derived autonomous
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Software architects: Mercedes-Benz previews its operating system MB.OS

02/22/2023 — their cars. All new models will have the necessary sensing technology on board to enable Level 2 assisted driving. Selected models can be ordered with enhanced assisted
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HTPE backed Hesai Technology successfully lists on Nasdaq

02/10/2023 — -quality value-add for its shareholders, industry and society. Founded in 2014, Hesai is the global leader in LiDAR for autonomous driving and ADAS. The Company's LiDAR
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Tesla pauses rollout of Full Self-Driving beta software

02/27/2023 — deliver full autonomous driving capabilities. Tesla vehicles are not self-driving . Instead, FSD includes a number of automated driving features that still require the
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The Feds' Probe Into Tesla Autopilot Crashes Is Proceeding Quickly

01/10/2023 — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is "working really fast" on its investigation into Tesla Autopilot crashes, said its acting head. "We're
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Grants

Method to dynamically adjusting speed control rates of autonomous vehicles

02/28/2023 — same or similar driving circumstances. The difference between the autonomous driving and the human driving may determine the cost for the driving parameters, in this
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Houston, We Have a Problem: Tesla’s Autopilot Software Head Does Not Know About the Operational Design Domain (ODD) Or Perception-Reaction Time!

01/19/2023 — words mean." this article, where multiple tesla stans confidently offer to show a journalist self driving to prove it works and then get quiet as it repeatedly fucks up
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LG & Qualcomm to extend AV and ADAS collaboration

02/10/2023 — systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, according to local reports. LG Electronics, one of the world’s largest home appliance manufacturers, has been
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Tesla's Autopilot is falling behind as other software catches up

01/25/2023 — Super Cruise and Mercedes-Benz's system. Tesla Autopilot fell to seventh place this year, from second in 2020. That's because Elon Musk's automaker hasn't made significant
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Semi-Autonomous Teslas Involved In 10 Deaths Over Four Months

10/24/2022 — autonomous driving technology. Of the 10 fatal accidents, four involved motorcycles. As reported previously, the NHTSA is currently investigating 38 cases involving Autopilot
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Applications


12/22/2022 — manipulation of a driver, and drives itself. As a result, the autonomous vehicle refers to a vehicle capable of performing driving, steering, and parking without influence
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Transit Briefs: Metra, 2022 Urban Mobility Readiness Index

01/11/2023 — station network investment and incentives, the number of car-free zones, autonomous vehicle adoption, and public transport ridership and affordability. As the overall
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Super Bowl ad slams Tesla's 'Full Self-Driving' tech

02/12/2023 — features” in a January 31 public filing. Federal investigators are looking into a Musk tweet about disabling driver alerts on Tesla’s “Full Self Drivingdriver assist system
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JCET provides customers with advanced packaging HVM solutions for 4D mmWave radar

03/02/2023 — detection, automatic emergency braking systems, and many other fields as a vital sensing device for automobile-assisted driving and autonomous driving. Reliable advanced
Patent filings > APPFT - Patent Applications


12/22/2022 — autonomous vehicle is in an autonomous (or even partially autonomous) driving mode and the autonomous vehicle >100 may be configured to execute a second operating system
Scientific studies > MDPI

LiDAR-Based Sensor Fusion SLAM and Localization for Autonomous Driving Vehicles in Complex Scenarios

02/20/2023 — the complex scenarios. Vehicle localization is the key issue that should be solved in autonomous driving and how to realize high-precise vehicle localization under the
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Mercedes-Benz says it has achieved Level 3 automation, which requires less driver input, surpassing the self-driving capabilities of Tesla and other major US automakers

01/30/2023 — critics have also accused the company of misleading its customers by calling the company's autonomous driving system "Full Self-Driving." In November, Musk announced the
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Cyngn Signs Commercial Agreement to Supply Infinitracker for HEVI Electric Industrial Vehicles

10/20/2022 — to completely replace existing vehicle investments. Cyngn’s flagship product, its Enterprise Autonomy Suite , includes DriveMod (autonomous vehicle system), Cyngn
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Volvo CEO Slams Current Self-Driving Rating System As 'Nonsense'

01/25/2023 — off, but it's not because the technology isn't ready, but rather that legislation is prohibitive. He even went so far as to slam the current SAE autonomous driving (AD
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