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Continental, Aurora to jointly develop self-driving systems for trucks

04/27/2023 — firm Aurora Innovation will join forces to design and develop autonomous driving systems for trucks, the two companies said on Thursday. Investors and industry executives
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Predictive impairment monitor system and method

12/07/2022 — equipped with advanced driver-assist features to those equipped as a fully autonomous vehicle, or self-driving vehicle.r />(26) Referring toFIG
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Auto News: Many U.S. Drivers Treat Partially Automated Cars As Self-Driving – Study, CARB Settles With FCA For $5.6 Million For Violations Of Air Quality Regulations On Certain Gasoline Engines

03/13/2023 — Many U.S. drivers treat partially automated cars as self-driving - study REUTERS Drivers using advanced driver assistance systems like Tesla (TSLA.O) Autopilot or
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12/29/2022 — autonomous driving map construction apparatus obtains, based on the manual driving track data and/or the obstacle grid map, a road boundary of the region through which the vehicle
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09/19/2022 — automobile industry. In the prior art, there have been studies on various aspects of a driving assistance system. The autonomous driving (self-driving) behaviors of the vehicle
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Customer’s Adoption Intentions toward Autonomous Delivery Vehicle Services: Extending DOI Theory with Social Awkwardness and Use Experience

03/16/2023 — respondents’ acceptance of sharing the same roads with autonomous robots. 2.1.3. Theoretical Background In previous studies of autonomous driving and autonomous delivery
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Steer Guidance Of Autonomous Agricultural Robot Based On Pure Pursuit Algorithm And LiDAR Based Vector Field Histogram

04/29/2023 — . [25] J. Lopez, P. Sanchez-Vilarino, R. Sanz, and E. Paz, (2021) “Efficient Local Navigation Approach for Autonomous Driving Vehicles" IEEE Access 9: 79776–79792. DOI
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Saudi Arabia Autonomous Vehicle Markets Report 2023: Competition, Forecast & Opportunities, 2018-2027 with Local Motors, GM, Ford, Nissan and Kia Dominating

03/29/2023 — Autonomous Vehicle Market, By Level of Autonomy: L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 Saudi Arabia Autonomous Vehicle Market, By Vehicle Autonomy: Semi-Autonomous Fully Autonomous Saudi Arabia
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Pony.ai approved to test fully driverless L4 vehicles in Beijing

01/03/2023 — Pony.ai robotaxi Pony.ai, an autonomous driving technology company, has announced that it has been issued a fully driverless autonomous vehicle road test permit by the
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Zoox Self-Driving Taxis Finally Hit Public Roads In California

02/14/2023 — controls. The Amazon-owned self-driving company will now use its autonomous vehicle as an employee shuttle, with the vehicle ferrying Zoox full-time employees between the two
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Systems and methods for braking in an autonomous vehicle

02/17/2023 — vehicle system >110 implemented in a vehicle >100 in accordance with an exemplary embodiment. In various embodiments, the vehicle >100 is an autonomous vehicle
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Mercedes-Benz says it has achieved Level 3 automation, which requires less driver input, surpassing the self-driving capabilities of Tesla and other major US automakers

01/30/2023 — critics have also accused the company of misleading its customers by calling the company's autonomous driving system "Full Self-Driving." In November, Musk announced the
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Method of controlling vehicle when vehicle passes over speed bump

05/02/2023 — manipulated by the driver. Since the autonomous vehicle autonomously travels, an occupant in the vehicle may assume various postures to perform personal tasks or take a rest.r
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Lotus’ First Electric SUV Takes Tesla to Task on Performance and Self-Driving

05/01/2023 — Autocar report, the autonomous driving system would also progressively learn from how you drive, adjusting to if you’re an aggressive or more passive driver. NO U.S. TAX
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Uber, Motional launch robotaxi service in Las Vegas

12/07/2022 — ) Tough regulatory scrutiny and delayed commercial adoption of autonomous vehicle technology have delayed deployment of robotaxi services, leaving investors worried. The
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Auve Tech launch a new generation self-driving vehicle MiCa

10/24/2022 — autonomous driving in various weather and traffic conditions. Safety has been the main focus while developing the new generation vehicle. MiCa is equipped with seven LiDAR
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Federal regulators investigating Musk Tesla 'Full Self Driving' tweet

01/09/2023 — disable the alert reminding them to keep their hands on the steering wheel while in “Full Self Driving” mode, which is a driver assist system in an early “beta” version that
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12/15/2022 — vehicle and/or self-driving vehicle powered by any form of energy. The autonomous vehicle may or may not carry one or more human occupants.r />[0025] A “vehicle system
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Cruise Weighs Expanding Self-Driving Car Tests

03/21/2023 — A Cruise test car on display. (Paul Sancya/Associated Press) [Stay on top of transportation news: Get TTNews in your inbox .] DETROIT — General Motors’ Cruise autonomous
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Ford Files Airbag Patent For Self-Driving Car That Will Never Exist

11/20/2022 — Ford filed a patent for use in autonomous vehicles shortly before axing its autonomous vehicle department. Ford has published a rather interesting patent for a new type
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09/19/2022 — intervention occurs while the vehicle is driving in the autonomous driving mode or a driver gesture requesting to change the driving mode from the autonomous driving mode to the
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DiDi is di-veloping its own robotaxis

04/14/2023 — passengers pick up luggage. The vehicle had no driver’s seat to maximise space for passengers. DiDi began developing and testing autonomous driving vehicles in 2016 and has
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Self-driving startup Gatik to double workforce, strikes Kroger deal

03/15/2023 — Waymo unit, and Ford Motor and Volkswagen AG pulling the plug in November on an autonomous driving company they were backing, Argo AI. Narang said Gatik had navigated the
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Road condition deep learning model

12/07/2022 — -board cleaning system.r />(13) According to another aspect, a vehicle is able to operate in an autonomous driving mode, in which the vehicle includes the system configured
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Reducing inconvenience to surrounding road users caused by stopped autonomous vehicles

01/03/2023 — autonomous vehicles. The system includes one or more processors configured to stop a vehicle having an autonomous driving mode at a first location; while the vehicle is
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Qcraft partners with T3 to expand self-driving robotaxi service

03/09/2023 — Qcraft, a Chinese autonomous driving startup, said at a Wednesday conference that it is partnering with ride-hailing firm T3 to bring self-driving vehicles onto the
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Detector–Tracker Integration Framework for Autonomous Vehicles Pedestrian Tracking

04/15/2023 — vehicle driving assistance, pedestrian tracking is one of the key technologies of autonomous driving environment perception, and an important precondition for autonomous
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Elon Musk Legal Team Dropped The Dumbest Possible Excuse For Refusing A Deposition

04/27/2023 — Tesla Autopilot Crash Suit [Bloomberg] Joe Patrice is a senior editor at Above the Law and co-host of Thinking Like A Lawyer . Feel free to email any tips, questions, or
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Baidu boss charged with stealing Apple’s self-driving car tech

05/17/2023 — company’s secretive autonomous driving project. Wang resigned from his role in 2018, but unbeknownst to Apple, Wang accepted employment at “the U.S.-based subsidiary of
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China Overseas LiDAR Industry Research Report 2022: Perception Algorithms Become the Layout Focus of Foreign Vendors - ResearchAndMarkets.com

10/12/2022 — self-driving software subsidiary Zenseact to create a "holistic autonomous vehicle stack" made for production vehicles. The stack is called Sentinel, which will integrate
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Global Demand for Autonomous Vehicles Encourages Alliances with Start-ups

10/25/2022 — autonomous features pushes OEMs to collaborate with multiple technology participants and start-ups to enable autonomous vehicle evolutions. Level 2 autonomous vehicles provide
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Vehicle Motion Prediction Algorithm Based on Artificial Potential Field Correction and Fuzzy C-Mean Driving Intention Classification

11/23/2022 — from assisted driving to autonomous driving [ 7 ]. However, due to the uncertainty of vehicle dynamics, driving intention, and the complexity of the surrounding
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Aeva Becomes First 4D LiDAR Integrated Into Intempora RTMaps

10/18/2022 — perception capabilities not possible with legacy time-of-flight 3D LiDAR sensors to enable the next wave of driver assistance and autonomous vehicle capabilities
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BYD’s Han Leads the Charge: The Integration of DNP System and Advanced Autonomous Driving

05/12/2023 — autonomous driver assistance system will support navigation-assisted driving on highways and expressways and may also upgrade some urban road driving assistance features
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Chinese Tesla rival Nio and giant Tencent partner to work on self-driving tech

11/29/2022 — partnership with Tencent can help it boost its tech prowess in areas from mapping to autonomous driving. Nio is trying to stand out from a wave of Chinese electric vehicle
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Honda Plans New Autonomous Features but Sees Long Road Ahead to Self-Driving Cars

11/30/2022 — HAGA, Japan— Honda Motor Co. HMC -0.08% said it would focus for now on partially autonomous driving technology to improve safety, adding itself to the list of auto
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Researchers Create Advanced Detection System To Make Self-Driving Cars Safer

12/18/2022 — how autonomous vehicle systems work. Self-driving cars rely on light detection, LiDAR, sensors, and RGB cameras that create data as RGB images and 3D measurement points
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Lyft's AV face off

05/25/2023 — autonomous vehicle on a request that it's not capable of completing, forestalling customer dissatisfaction and unsafe situations for passengers in self-driving rides. Photo
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Toronto-based Waabi launches AI-powered self-driving system for trucking

11/16/2022 — initial road use focused in the United States. Autonomous vehicle development has focused more intensely on safety after the world’s first death caused by an autonomous
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Cultural shock: How will Twitter fare under Elon Musk's leadership?

10/05/2022 — sense. During Friday’s robot presentation, for instance, an engineer boasted that the Optimus robot could simply use the Tesla autopilot technology to navigate around offices
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May Mobility launchs of 3rd-gen Autonomous Driving System

03/17/2023 — May Mobility, a company in the development and deployment of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, announced the launch of its third-generation autonomous driving system
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LG & Qualcomm to extend AV and ADAS collaboration

02/10/2023 — systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, according to local reports. LG Electronics, one of the world’s largest home appliance manufacturers, has been
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2022 Mobility Innovations/Growth Opportunities in Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Driving Platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Batteries - ResearchAndMarkets.com

12/14/2022 — Speed Data Processing in Autonomous Vehicles Value Proposition - OpenEdges OpenEdges - Investor Dashboard Autonomous Driving Technology Enables Self-driving Capability in
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8-K - Cyngn Inc. (0001874097) (Filer)

03/15/2023 — Results First revenue as a public company from autonomous vehicle development contracts Ended 2022 with $22.6 million in unrestricted cash and short-term investments compared
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Musk’s Twitter Will Reel From Culture Shock

10/04/2022 — Friday’s robot presentation, for instance, an engineer boasted that the Optimus robot could simply use the Tesla autopilot technology to navigate around offices. The
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09/15/2022 — obtain a vehicle state and/or surrounding environment information. The autonomous driving unit 140d may update the autonomous driving path and the driving plan based on the
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Ferrari CEO says the luxury carmaker will never do self-driving cars

05/09/2023 — Porsche—announced a $2.3 billion investment in a joint venture with a Chinese autonomous driving company last year. While Ferrari won’t roll out self-driving cars
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HTPE backed Hesai Technology successfully lists on Nasdaq

02/10/2023 — -quality value-add for its shareholders, industry and society. Founded in 2014, Hesai is the global leader in LiDAR for autonomous driving and ADAS. The Company's LiDAR
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RoboSense Joins NVIDIA Omniverse Ecosystem

05/24/2023 — integrated into NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, built on Omniverse, enabling physically based, high-fidelity sensor simulation. With this integration, autonomous vehicle developers can
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New Material Heals Scratches on the Sensor of Autonomous Vehicles

05/24/2023 — University (KNU) developed a material that heals scratches on the sensor of an autonomous vehicle. * Technology from「Can scratches on car surfaces disappear when exposed to
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Super-resolution radar for autonomous vehicles

02/28/2023 — '] curIntlPatentClassificationSecondaryDateKwicHits None abstractHtml Examples disclosed herein relate to an autonomous driving system in an vehicle. The autonomous driving system
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Ouster announces Expansion of Supply Agreements with May Mobility

05/17/2023 — Ouster, a provider of high-performance lidar sensors, and May Mobility, a leader in the development and deployment of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, announced
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12/08/2022 — autonomous driving computing system incorporated into vehicle >100. The autonomous driving computing system may capable of communicating with various components of
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12/15/2022 — > enables the autonomous vehicle to send the edge computing need to the autonomous vehicle service provider via network >130. In various embodiments, the remote autonomous
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12/22/2022 — systems and/or software modules configured to perform one or more operations involved with driving an autonomous vehicle. Various aspects of the autonomous driving system
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Haomo unveils DriveGPT, speeds up commercialization and global expansion after landing in Europe and Israel

04/12/2023 — , marking a milestone in commercialization. Previously, Haomo supplied GWM with advanced driver assisting products. Vehicles carrying HPilot, Haomo’s assisted driving
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Driver-initiated disengagement of autonomous vehicle controls

12/07/2022 — various embodiments for driver disengagement of autonomous vehicle/driving controls may be implemented. It should be understood that various embodiments disclosed herein may
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Hyundai's Sliding Pedals Will Protect Your Self-Driving Car From Being Accidentally Accelerated

03/06/2023 — passenger once the car is driving itself) with ample legroom to stretch out. In a Level 4 car, the driver must still do some driving, as autonomous driving functions will be
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Heavy-Duty Self-Driving Trucks Face Uphill Battle In California

02/05/2023 — the cab of any autonomous vehicle weighing more than 10,000 pounds. Specifically, the California Labor Federation and several Teamsters locals pointed to safety concerns
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Vehicle which indicates passenger movability, and method for controlling the same

09/17/2022 — driving of the autonomous vehicle such as the bus 1 and the general car 2 is movable, it is possible to determine the time when the passenger is movable within the vehicle
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Jaguar Land Rover opens three self-driving hubs

02/21/2023 — being developed by many UK tech companies such as Microsoft-backed autonomous vehicle company Wayve , self-driving hydrogen truck startup HVS and software company Oxbotica .
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dSpace, Aves Reality create virtual 3D worlds for autonomous driving tests

03/15/2023 — a technology partnership. The duo aims to provide autonomous vehicle developers with tools to validate sensors and algorithms during virtual test drives in a variety of
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'Tesla drives itself' video tweeted by Musk fake? Engineer reveals details

01/18/2023 — performance of the Tesla Autopilot system available in a production car at the time, Elluswamy said, "It does not." Elluswamy was deposed in a lawsuit against Tesla over a 2018
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From PCs to cars: Nvidia, Qualcomm and Intel race to automotive semis

10/05/2022 — types of neural networks that are at the heart of assisted and autonomous driving functions. Rounding out the news, Nvidia also announced that China car company Zeeker
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Honda Finally Begins Rolling Out Self-Driving Technology

12/01/2022 — After years of lagging behind, Honda will dip its toe into ADAS. Honda has unveiled two new safety and semi-autonomous driving systems for use in a range of cars, Honda
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eve autonomy launches Japan's first unmanned transportation service using autonomous EV

12/01/2022 — it easy for users to provide driving instructions Maintenance services Periodic maintenance of vehicle Updating services for the autonomous driving software (Over-The-Air
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Volkswagen discussing deal for Huawei’s self-driving unit: report

03/09/2023 — Volkswagen is holding discussions with Huawei about buying the Chinese tech giant’s autonomous driving unit for “billions of euros,” Reuters reported on Feb. 17, citing
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Super Bowl ad slams Tesla's 'Full Self-Driving' tech

02/12/2023 — features” in a January 31 public filing. Federal investigators are looking into a Musk tweet about disabling driver alerts on Tesla’s “Full Self Drivingdriver assist system
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Xiaomi to test self-driving vehicles in China: CEO

03/09/2023 — expand its autonomous driving team by 20% to more than 600 employees by the end of this year, according to Lei. The world’s third-biggest smartphone maker plans to roll out its first self-branded electric vehicle in the first half of 2024. [ Xiaomi release ]
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Self-driving bus service to launch in Scotland

05/12/2023 — A self-driving bus service will depart for its first public passenger service shift next week in Scotland in a major milestone for UK autonomous driving. From 15 May
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RoboSense Reaches Strategic Partnership with Pony.ai on Full-Business Chain

10/12/2022 — range of traffic scenes, but also assist Pony.ai accelerate the development of autonomous driving technology across scenarios, platforms and domains, enabling technological
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Pull over method based on quadratic programming for path planning

12/20/2022 — autonomous mode in which the vehicle navigates through an environment with little or no input from a driver. Such an autonomous vehicle can include a sensor system having one
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AV company Aurora hires president ahead of commercial launch

01/31/2023 — Aurora Innovation said Monday it has hired Ossa Fisher as president as the autonomous vehicle company prepares to commercially launch its self-driving trucks business
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Here come the self-driving taxis

04/27/2023 — 2020. There will surely be more hiccups that will delay the launch of these services. Any accident involving an autonomous vehicle generates a blizzard of bad press and
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Why GM's happy to keep spending billions on self-driving while rivals like Ford abandon ship

12/05/2022 — -losing self-driving unit, Argo. That set off alarm bells for investors in the autonomous vehicle space, hammering AV startup stocks. The change in valuations is expected to
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L3-level auto-emergency light system for ego vehicle harsh brake

02/17/2023 — emergency light at an autonomous driving vehicle.r />BACKGROUNDr />(2) Vehicles operating in an autonomous mode (e.g., driverless) can relieve occupants, especially the driver
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12/15/2022 — may take manual control of the vehicle. In some embodiments where the stable drift has been initiated by an autonomous/assisted driving system, the autonomous/assisted
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Over 285,000 Tesla Owners Have Purchased Full Self-Driving

01/01/2023 — believe the software enables a Model 3 or any other Tesla vehicle to be fully autonomous. The reality is that FSD is rated at Level 2+ on the autonomous driving scale.
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Trimble and General Motors Mark Historic Milestone: More Than 34 Million Hands-Free Miles on the Road

10/26/2022 — to log miles in a commercial autonomous driving system. It works with Super Cruise to help a vehicle maintain its lane position, bringing more consumers access to a more
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TuSimple, Navistar end deal to develop self-driving trucks

12/06/2022 — minority stake in TuSimple and announced a deal to co-develop heavy-duty self-driving trucks by 2024, as the autonomous driving technology space boomed with investor
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Uber will now let you book a Waymo self-driving car through its app

05/24/2023 — Mawakana, co-CEO of Waymo, said in a statement that between both companies’ technology, they’d be able to quicken the pace of fully autonomous driving. “We’re excited to offer
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Tesla under criminal investigation for self-driving claims

10/27/2022 — advertising its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving capability as providing autonomous vehicle control. . The DMV said in a statement it is currently in the discovery stage of
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California Bans Unsafe Tesla “Full Self-Driving” Marketing

01/03/2023 — and keep their hands on the wheel while driving. “When a driver knows they’re in a fully autonomous vehicle, they know they don’t have to pay attention to the road. On the
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Alibaba’s self-driving team to be absorbed by logistics arm in major setback

05/17/2023 — Alibaba is embarking on a reorganization that will bring its autonomous driving research team under the purview of Cainiao, the logistics arm of the Chinese tech giant
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09/16/2022 — vehicle 100 is located. In general, the autonomous driving control unit can be configured to control the vehicle 100 in the absence of a driver or to provide assistance to the
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