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Scientists spot 1st gamma-ray eclipses from strange 'spider' star systems

01/27/2023 — at the theoretical mass limit that divides a neutron star and a black hole. With the new data Clark and the team calculated that PSR B1957+20 is actually tilted at 84
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Black (Hole) Friday is approaching: 5 things you should know about one of the universe’s biggest mysteries

11/22/2022 — , scientists unveiled the first image of Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy. The image produced by the Event Horizon
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NASA's IXPE Reveals Shape, Orientation of Hot Matter Around Black Hole

11/04/2022 — emitted by the hot matter, or plasma, in a 1,200-mile (2,000-kilometer) diameter region surrounding the 40 mile (60-kilometer) diameter event horizon of the black hole
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Astronomers detected a superheavy neutron star

01/16/2023 — patterns that suggest a superheavy neutron star existed briefly before collapsing into a black hole. The collision of two neutron stars probably created this fleeting, massive
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Indian Pulsar Timing Array charts interstellar weather to capture black hole symphony

11/29/2022 — astronomy’. Gravitational waves detected so far have resulted from the final phases of stellar mass black hole or neutron star mergers. The frequencies of such signals range
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15 times black holes surprised us in 2022

12/28/2022 — ) In 2022, scientists captured the first photo of Sagittarius A* , the gargantuan black hole at the heart of the Milky Way. The Event Horizon Telescope captured the image
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International team observes innermost structure of quasar jet

11/22/2022 — images of a black hole. The image of the 3C 273 jet gives scientists the very first view of the innermost part of the jet in a quasar, where the collimation occurs. The
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Pulsar Glitches: A Review

12/01/2022 — neutron star case [ 133 , 134 , 135 , 136 , 137 , 138 , 139 ]. In the early days of pulsar glitch research several experiments were devised with superfluid Helium II
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McGill-led team discovers fastest-spinning pulsar

01/12/2023 — News A team of astronomers led by McGill University graduate student Jason Hessels has discovered the fastest-spinning neutron star, or pulsar, ever found. The 20-mile
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Astronomers capture black hole gobbling up a star in a “hyper-feeding frenzy”

11/30/2022 — Enlarge / Illustration of a star being spaghettified as it’s sucked in by a supermassive black hole during a tidal disruption event (TDE). ESO/M. Kornmesser Earlier this
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Conference to celebrate pulsar’s 40th

01/12/2023 — Astrophysicists gather for five-day homage to neutron star McGill University will host the international conference 40 Years of Pulsars: Millisecond Pulsars, Magnetars
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Three McGill Professors Receive Royal Society of Canada Medals

01/12/2023 — discoveries that have captivated scientists and the public in Canada and around the world: the first direct image of a supermassive black hole with the Event Horizon
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'Impossible' neutron stars could explain strange flashes

01/16/2023 — collapsing to form a black hole. A neutron star forms when a large star runs out of fuel and explodes, leaving behind a super-dense remnant that can pack the mass of the sun
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X-ray view shows how supermassive black holes speed up particles in jets

11/23/2022 — An artist's impression of a quasar, with the accretion disk around the black hole, and the powerful jet blasting outwards. (Image credit: NASA/JPL–Caltech/GSFC) Peering
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Research suggests synthetic black holes radiate like real ones

11/15/2022 — First detected merger of black hole and neutron star. Image used for representative purpose. (Photo | Black Hole @ Twitter) WASHINGTON: The most extreme objects in the
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New Discovery Deepens Our Understanding of Extreme Phenomena Involving Neutron Star Collisions

01/23/2023 — and the intense radiation they produce are believed to occur during supernova events where a star implodes to form either a neutron star or a black hole. However, a
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Tracing the massive inflows feeding super-massive black holes in quasars.

01/31/2023 — -massive black hole, the broad line region, the narrow line region, and the dusty torus are well-known components. The outflows are commonly observed with their blueshifted
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Astronomers Find a Supernova Runt — and Discover an Unexpected Origin

02/02/2023 — collapses again, either into an incredibly dense neutron star or a black hole. What Richardson and his colleagues believe happened in CPD-29 2176 is that the two original
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Cosmic Seeds of the Biggest Black Holes

01/23/2023 — current age, merely 700 million years after the Big Bang. During 95% of cosmic history since then, the ceiling on black hole masses remained the same. This raises two
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Powerful Cosmic Blast Looks Unlike Anything Astronomers Have Seen Before - CNET

12/08/2022 — with a compact, powerful object like a black hole or another neutron star. "This event looks unlike anything else we have seen before from a long gamma-ray burst," said
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Black holes could reveal their quantum-superposition states, new calculations reveal

01/16/2023 — a black hole’s event horizon, with the detector’s fixed position enabled by an acceleration away from the black hole that yields the Hawking radiation. The researchers
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NASA Missions Probe Game-Changing Cosmic Explosion

12/09/2022 — jets. The jets could be weakening ones from the original explosion or new ones powered by the resulting black hole or magnetar.” Scientists think neutron star mergers are
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Event Horizon Ending Explained: Where You're Going, You Won't Need Eyes To See

01/25/2023 — activation, it forms a black hole that doubles as a parallel dimension that is literally hell . Welcome to purgatory. Eros and Thanatos Although "Event Horizon" offers several
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The Distance to High-Velocity Cloud Complex M

01/12/2023 — neutron star would be the smoking gun required to prove the supernova model, but without a bright binary companion, a pulsar signature, or mass transfer, it would be all but
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Pulsar based timing synchronization method and system

12/27/2022 — generated by pulsars. A pulsar is essentially a compact, highly-magnetized neutron star that emits electromagnetic radiation as the pulsar rotates. The magnetic axis of a
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Expectations for Horizon-Scale Supermassive Black Hole Population Studies with the ngEHT

12/02/2022 — a “Phase 1” ngEHT can potentially measure ∼50 black hole masses, ∼30 black hole spins, and ∼7 black hole shadows across the entire sky. 1. Introduction The Event Horizon
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Tracing Hot Spot Motion in Sagittarius A* Using the Next-Generation Event Horizon Telescope (ngEHT)

01/29/2023 — spot may form as the exhaust of magnetic reconnection in a current sheet near the black hole horizon. A hot spot that is ejected from the current sheet into an orbit in the
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ESO Captures the Ghost of a Giant Star

11/04/2022 — we observe here. What remains of the star is an ultra-dense ball in which the protons and electrons are forced together into neutrons — a neutron star. The neutron star
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Astronomers detected a star that was ripped apart by a supermassive black hole

12/01/2022 — black hole or neutron star, a cataclysmic event that sends a considerable amount of energy into space. But this scenario did not align with the observations. Read more
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Webb captures ‘unprecedented’ image of galaxies merging near supermassive black hole

10/27/2022 — 11.5 billion light-years old and has a supermassive black hole at the centre of its swirl. It appears red in colour because of the clouds of dust and gas between Earth and
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How Spatially Resolved Polarimetry Informs Black Hole Accretion Flow Models

12/25/2022 — This is an early access version, the complete PDF, HTML, and XML versions will be available soon. Open AccessArticle Abstract The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT
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A Warm Winter Welcome to Newest Arts and Sciences Faculty

01/26/2023 — merger (GW150914) and neutron star merger (GW170817). His interests include the study of neutron stars, black holes and dark matter in addition to high-performance data
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It Takes a Titan: A Donor’s Gift Is Supporting My Gravitational-Wave Research

12/15/2022 — Voyager (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory), which will be used to identify black hole mergers and neutron star mergers across the universe. We are exploring
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It’s the BOAT: Astronomers observe “brightest of all time” gamma-ray burst

10/18/2022 — form a neutron star or black hole (or, alternatively, a newly formed magnetar ). The baby black hole would produce jets of highly energetic particles moving near the speed
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OSPool Usage Hits Daily Record

01/20/2023 — incredible amount of computing. The people behind these big numbers deserve some recognition. Researchers responsible for piling up these hours include: The Event Horizon
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