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Heaviest neutron star to date is a ‘black widow’ eating its mate

02/07/2023 — matter in the universe short of black holes, which because they are hidden behind their event horizon are impossible to study. The neutron star, a pulsar designated PSR
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How Astronomers Are Hunting for ‘Primordial Black Holes’ Created Right After the Big Bang

03/07/2023 — as a pulsar . As neutron stars age, they slow their rotation and stop emitting bright radiation. As atom-sized primordial black holes wander the universe, one would expect
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Planets Might Protect their Water Until their Star Settles Down

03/23/2023 — of the blazing eruption of the neutron star Swift J1858 compared to the black hole GRS 1915+105. Credit: Gabriel Pérez Díaz (IAC) Black holes and neutron stars are among
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Scientists Chart Environment Surrounding a Stellar-Mass Black Hole

04/28/2023 — black holes.” A black hole can siphon gas from a nearby companion star into a ring of material called an accretion disk. Gravitational and magnetic forces heat the disk
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Making Heavy Metals with High-Energy Collisions

05/02/2023 — from colliding neutron-star binaries, depending on the model used. However, neutron starblack hole mergers only outperformed neutron starneutron star collisions in one of
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Event Horizon Telescope spies a black hole powering a super bright monster object

02/20/2023 — Event Horizon Telescope have imaged a quasar at the heart of a distant galaxy that blasts out huge amounts of radiation powered by a feeding supermassive black hole. These
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This Star Exploded So Hard, It Sent Its Core Whizzing Across The Galaxy

05/28/2023 — hole and a normal star, they noticed something peculiar about this binary star: a smear of light streaking across their field of view looking startlingly similar to a pulsar
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Einstein Proven Right Yet Again: Theory of General Relativity Passes a Range of Precise Tests

03/30/2023 — the neutron star, a technique that we call pulsar timing to provide constraints on the extension of a neutron star.” The technique of pulsar timing was combined with
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RAS Group Award 2023 goes to MeerKAT

05/02/2023 — bubbles around Sgr A* and the evidence of a common origin for these bubbles. MeerKAT also tracked the radio afterglow of the first ever observed neutron star merger event and
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We can’t avoid a singularity inside every black hole

05/17/2023 — doesn’t destroy the object entirely in the lead-up to the creation of an event horizon. A white dwarf, a neutron star, or even a strange quark star are all still made of
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Astro Alchemy: Neutron Star Mergers and the Birth of Heavy Elements

05/03/2023 — some spinning hundreds of times per second. Some neutron stars emit beams of electromagnetic radiation from their poles, and when these beams sweep past Earth, we detect them as pulses, leading to the name “pulsar” for these types of neutron stars.
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Irish scientist helping us get to the core of what neutron stars are

02/15/2023 — result of this method is that it has led to a revision of the mass of the neutron star in the binary star system named PSR B1957+20, also known as the Black Widow Pulsar
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How I got to control the iconic Parkes telescope and look for pulsars

05/03/2023 — sign of a pulsar. A pulsar – or a pulsating radio source – is a rotating neutron star which emits regular beams of radiation. These beams work a little bit like a
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We Finally Know How Quasars Become The Brightest Objects in The Universe

04/26/2023 — they're the driving force behind some of the brightest light we can see. Nevertheless, although we can't see the black hole itself – the event horizon is, as far as we know
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International team observes innermost structure of quasar jet

11/22/2022 — images of a black hole. The image of the 3C 273 jet gives scientists the very first view of the innermost part of the jet in a quasar, where the collimation occurs. The
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Research suggests synthetic black holes radiate like real ones

11/15/2022 — spacetime without any horizon, before being changed into one hosting a synthetic black hole. The emergence of Hawking radiation, therefore, requires a change in the warping of
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Probing minimal grand unification through gravitational waves, proton decay, and fermion masses

04/24/2023 — :2101.12248 ] [ INSPIRE ]. L. Lentati et al., European Pulsar Timing Array Limits On An Isotropic Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background , Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 453 (2015
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Weighing OJ 287 and the project MOMO

05/04/2023 — gravitational waves from these systems in the future. OJ 287 will no longer serve as a target for pulsar-timing arrays due to the derived black hole mass of 100 million solar masses
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XTE J1906+090 is a persistent low-luminosity Be X-ray binary, study suggests

05/18/2023 — dwarf transferring mass onto a compact neutron star or a black hole. Based on the mass of the companion star, astronomers divide them into low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXB) and
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Just what the universe needs right now: A black hole with wind

04/27/2023 — polarizes light. Balloon-borne telescope returns first photos in search for dark matter Astronomers clock runaway black hole leaving trail of fresh stars Bright light from black
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Scientists Are Using Bizarre Units to Describe Their Discoveries. Here's Why

04/19/2023 — use X-ray light to observe the sky we sometimes measure brightness in "Crabs". The Crab is a rapidly spinning neutron star (or pulsar ) in the remains of an exploded star
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Astronomers accidentally spot runaway black hole leaving trail of fresh stars

04/09/2023 — learning algorithms to detect more runaway supermassive black holes to study their growth and evolution. "We also learn about the gas that lives around galaxies. The black hole
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Density: What Matters in the Universe

04/28/2023 — galaxy M87 hosts a black hole that is 1,500 times more massive. Both black holes were imaged in recent years by the Event Horizon Telescope in an effort led by Harvard’s
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Discovery of a Massive Pulsar

05/04/2023 — , "Peering into the dark side: magnesium lines establish a massive neutron star in PSR J2215+5135", ApJ , 859 , 54 [ ADS ]. Video "A massive pulsar irradiates a solar-type star
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Chandra associates pulsar and historic supernova

01/12/2023 — star exploded, witnessed by Chinese astronomers in the year 386 AD. If confirmed, this will be only the second pulsar to be clearly associated with a historic event. These
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Evidence for Hot Clumpy Accretion Flow in a Transitional Millisecond Pulsar

05/04/2023 — state, these systems have high radio luminosities and the neutron star is detectable through its radio pulsations as a millisecond pulsar (MSP). In the accretion-powered
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Three McGill Professors Receive Royal Society of Canada Medals

01/12/2023 — discoveries that have captivated scientists and the public in Canada and around the world: the first direct image of a supermassive black hole with the Event Horizon
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Conference to celebrate pulsar’s 40th

01/12/2023 — share personal recollections of important moments in pulsar history. The event will conclude with a lecture by Princeton astrophysicist Joseph Taylor, winner of the 1993
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Observational constraint from the heaviest pulsar PSR J0952-0607 on the equation of state of dense matter in relativistic mean field model

05/30/2023 — for the β-equilibrated nucleonic matter satisfy the heaviest observed neutron-star mass Mmax=(2.35±0.17)M⊙ for the black widow pulsar PSR J0952-0607. The results for the
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Neutron star that behaves like a black hole discovered

03/27/2023 — or a black hole, and a star of a similar size to the Sun. The compact object swallows matter from the companion star through a disk that emits large amounts of light
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Earthquakes Could Help Scientists Understand This Mysterious Space Glitch

02/12/2023 — neutrons in a highly exotic state or a more degenerate form of matter made almost entirely of strange quarks. The researchers found that the model of the neutron star
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Chandra Reveals Galactic Storm Raging in Teacup Galaxy

04/28/2023 — Nicknamed the “Teacup” because of its shape, this quasar is causing an ongoing storm. The power source of the quasar is a supermassive black hole at the center of a
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