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Tesla confirms DOJ has requested documents on Autopilot, 'Full Self-Driving'

01/31/2023 — technology was partially to blame in a fatal crash. Tesla claims that Autopilot is safer than ordinary driving, but autonomous vehicle experts say the data chosen by Tesla to
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Feds want documents on Autopilot, ‘Full Self-Driving,’ Tesla says

01/31/2023 — previously found that the technology was partially to blame in a fatal crash. Tesla claims that Autopilot is safer than ordinary driving, but autonomous vehicle experts say
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Feds Order Recall of All Autopilot-Equipped Teslas

02/17/2023 — been developing autonomous driving technology. SAE long ago established a protocol for autonomous driving: Level 1 = driver assistance; Level 2 = partial driving automation
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Openpilot is Comma AI trying to eat Tesla Full Self-Driving's launch

04/02/2023 — Everybody heard about Tesla's Full Self-Driving, although the jury's still out on whether this is autonomous driving software or a driver assistance system. Comma AI's
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GM robotaxis heading to two more Texas cities, claiming space in Tesla's backyard

05/12/2023 — backyard. Kyle Vogt, CEO of the General Motors-backed autonomous vehicle startup, tweeted this week that Cruise would begin supervised autonomous driving in Houston in a few
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GM Debuts Unique Ultra Cruise Sensor Suite on the Cadillac Celestiq

03/07/2023 — , what CR analyzed was GM's basic driver assist feature, Super Cruise. GM is now working on a more advanced automated driving solution under the Ultra Cruise name. Ultra
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‘It’s a long-term journey we’re on’: taking a ride towards self-driving cars

02/17/2023 — for years , still says that its “full self-driving” software is only able to provide “active guidance and assisted driving under your active supervision”. The carmaker
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Full Self-Driving Beta Extended To All North American Tesla Customers

11/25/2022 — developing the semi-autonomous system for achieving what he describes as a major milestone. FSDB is a $15,000 option that provides semi-autonomous driving capabilities via the
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Advances in Autonomous Trucking Stand Out at CES

01/06/2023 — Cascadia tractor outfitted with the latest generation of the Waymo Driver. The autonomous vehicle pioneer also showcased self-driving passenger cars going back to its
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GM's Cruise Might Be Tesla's Unlikeliest Ally in Advancing Self-Driving Cars

03/17/2023 — Tesla in the number of EVs sold and sure dreams of doing the same in autonomous driving. While GM's EV production is disappointing, its autonomous-driving efforts are
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Ford Establishes New Division For AI & Autonomy

04/20/2023 — In this article, I want to share some news from Ford about its new AI and autonomous vehicle division, named Latitude AI. But, to really understand why this is an
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The State of Self-Driving Cars: Autonomous Advances

03/20/2023 — and post videos of self-driving stunts while AutoPilot was engaged. In daily use, Tesla AutoPilot is an advanced Level 2 system that will reduce some of the strain of
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Why Nvidia's AI Technology Is Essential for the Autonomous Vehicle Industry

04/28/2023 — tackling AI workloads and powering self-driving cars than they were a few years ago. After all, GPUs are the backbone of autonomous driving functions such as advanced driver
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ServCity: Autonomous driving project racks up 1,600 test miles in Greenwich

02/17/2023 — , supported by a £100m funding boost . Nissan isn’t alone in developing and testing autonomous driving technology in the UK. A self-driving, hydrogen-powered truck
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South Korea Autonomous Vehicles Market Report 2022-2023 & 2030: Market to Grow at a CAGR of 34.34% - Mega-Trends, Share, Growth, Insights, Company Analysis - ResearchAndMarkets.com

01/10/2023 — . Research Methodology 3. Executive Summary 4. Market Dynamics 4.1 Growth Drivers 4.2 Challenges 5. South Korea Autonomous Vehicles Market 5.1 Semi-Autonomous Driving 5.2 Self
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South Korea Autonomous Vehicles Market Report 2022-2030: Hyundai Motor Company, GM Korea Company, and Renault Samsung Motors Driving Expansions in the Industry

01/16/2023 — -Autonomous Driving 6.2 Self Driving Car 6.2.1 Level 4: High Automation 6.2.2 Level 5: Full Automation 7. Market Share 7.1 Hardware vs. Software - Autonomous Vehicles 7.2 By
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Drivers Too Trusting of Semi-Autonomous Technology, IIHS Says

10/19/2022 — -driving tasks, while 42 percent of Tesla Autopilot users reported a similar sentiment. Only 12 percent of Nissan ProPilot Assist users said they would be confident enough to
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Self-driving cars involved in 36 hit and run cases in 2022 but they were the victims!

03/31/2023 — With every new car model featuring autonomous safety functions such as Level 2 ADAS, the roadmap towards complete autonomous driving seems to have taken foundation in
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We were told we'd be riding in self-driving cars by now: What happened to the promised revolution?

03/23/2023 — autonomous vehicle revolution was overhyped. Proponents woefully underestimated the technological challenges. It turns out developing a truly driverless vehicle is hard. The
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When Will Tesla Restore FSD Beta Functions on the HW4-Enabled Vehicles?

03/07/2023 — — Teslascope (@teslascope) March 7, 2023 If you liked the article, please follow us: Google News Youtube Instagram Tesla FSD tesla autopilot full self-driving hw4 hardware 4
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Broader Horizons for Autonomous Trucks

03/17/2023 — -road market, not just with driver-assist technology but with fully autonomous driving technology “when the tech is ready for it,” he said. Pronto also is actively working on
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Here’s where self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality

05/24/2023 — Tesla’s FSD and is boasting about approval for true autonomous driving. But the fine print bears study; Xpeng vehicles are only genuinely autonomous in certain urban, fully
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This machine learning project could help jumpstart self-driving cars again

04/24/2023 — miles of driving by autonomous vehicles to encounter a few accidents and learn from them. Consider, for instance, autonomous vehicle firm Waymo trumpeting the fact that
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Global Autonomous Vehicle Market Report 2023: Industry Size, Share, Trends, Opportunity, and Forecasts, 2018-2030F

05/25/2023 — . Report Scope: Autonomous Vehicle Market, By Vehicle Type: Passenger Car Commercial Vehicle Autonomous Vehicle Market, By Level of Automation: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level
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Many Americans treat driver assist systems like self-driving

10/11/2022 — Motors Super Cruise, Nissan/Infiniti ProPILOT Assist and Tesla Autopilot. A total of 604 participants spread more or less evenly across the different brands took part in the
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A Tesla driver took a 6,392-mile road trip using Autopilot and Full Self-Driving software — there were some hiccups

01/07/2023 — Service and Privacy Policy . A Tesla owner took a 6,392-mile road trip using primarily Tesla Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) — and said that while the software was a
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China Autonomous Driving Data Closed Loop Research Report 2022 Featuring 6 Typical Data Acquisition and Annotation Companies, 9 Data Closed Loop Solution Providers and Layout of 18 Tier1/2 Suppliers - ResearchAndMarkets.com

10/18/2022 — Requirements by Autonomous Driving Level 1.1.4 Computing Power of Assisted Driving of Some New Vehicles on the Market 1.1.5 Basic Requirements for Data Storage of Autonomous
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U.S. Justice Department Seeks Tesla Driver-Assist Documents

02/02/2023 — Carlson said this month the agency is “working really fast” on the Tesla Autopilot investigation it opened in August 2021 that she termed “very extensive.” In June, NHTSA
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Automated Driving Zones Will Restrict Self-Driving To Where It Is Safe

01/23/2023 — automated driving functions like Tesla Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. Here correctly states that safety should come first when it comes to autonomous driving, which is why it
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Two more people die while using Tesla's autopilot bringing total to 16 since June 2021

11/16/2022 — cause of the crash. The NTSB also noted that Tesla Autopilot permitted the car driver to become dangerously disengaged with driving. A DVD player and Harry Potter movies
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Owner Compares Rivian's Highway Assist to Tesla's Autopilot, One of Them Wins Hands Down

01/11/2023 — Tesla Autopilot. Naming their driver-assist suite “Autopilot” was a tongue-in-cheek move from Tesla and Elon Musk. It certainly helped advertise the feature to people not
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Tesla Says Its Self-Driving Tech May Be a ‘Failure,’ but Not Fraud

12/09/2022 — . No Tesla on the road today is capable of full self driving, and yet Tesla sells what it calls a Full Self-Driving Capability for $15,000. In its defense, Tesla lawyers
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Team develops new 'attacker' device to improve autonomous car safety

05/28/2023 — Modern cars and autonomous vehicles use millimeter wave (mmWave) radio frequencies to enable self-driving or assisted driving features that ensure the safety of
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Two Keys to Advancing Autonomous Driving in 2023

01/31/2023 — advanced driver-assistance system technology and other subsystems safer in the progressive march to autonomy. Last year saw a few major milestones in autonomous driving
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Stalled self-driving vehicle rescue system

12/07/2022 — functional score of the second autonomous vehicle being less than the driving difficulty score, dispatching, by one or more processors, a response vehicle to assist the second
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I rode in a Waymo self-driving taxi with no driver and it was a smooth and safe ride, despite my initial fears

04/27/2023 — secure. Autonomous driving company Waymo — formerly known as the Google self-driving car project — has launched a fleet of vehicles in Phoenix and San Francisco. The company
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Uber Revives Self-Driving Taxi Dreams, Plans to Start This Year

10/06/2022 — shelved lofty ambitions for self-driving cars in a bid to cut costs at the height of the pandemic. In December 2020, Uber sold its autonomous vehicle unit, Advanced
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What Is the Tesla Safety Score and Why Does It Matter?

05/17/2023 — accurately. While it may no longer be required to upgrade to the Full Self Driving beta, it's still an important metric, especially if you're looking to get Tesla insurance.
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Survey shows different attitudes to automation

11/29/2022 — significant disconnect between attitudes and behaviours on either side of the Atlantic. American drivers are more likely to a see a benefit to self driving or autonomous technology
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Artificial intelligence prominent in automotive market

05/26/2023 — . Hence, the growing requirement for autonomous cars is fuelling market growth. The rapidly changing trends of the Advance Driver Assist System (ADAS) are another driving
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Tesla models compared: Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y

05/24/2023 — . Musk said the Semi would come standard with Tesla Autopilot, allowing semi-autonomous driving on highways. What is Tesla Autopilot? Autopilot is part safety feature, part
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Abu Dhabi host Autonomous Racing League in 2024

03/20/2023 — . JRP will give the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League access to the Dallara Super Formula car. It allows ASPIRE to use it to push the boundaries and top speeds of autonomous driving.
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UBS says self-driving cars could become a $100 billion market in China — and names stocks to play it

11/23/2022 — self-driving cars. It cited China’s large domestic market, high acceptance of autonomous driving, efficient supply chains, and supportive infrastructure among other factors
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Apple's Self-Driving Program Increases the Number of Drivers, Its Cars Love the Curbs

03/23/2023 — . According to California laws, any road incident involving an autonomous vehicle must be reported, even if the car was in manual driving mode. If you liked the article
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Santa Clara County judge rules Elon Musk likely must give deposition in fatal Tesla autopilot crash Suit

04/27/2023 — actually say and do.” Tesla faces multiple lawsuits and federal investigations over whether its assisted driving feature is defective. Bloomberg News reported in October
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A Tesla crashed into a fence during filming for the company's self-driving ad, Autopilot director testified

01/18/2023 — technology, a test car crashed into a fence in Tesla's parking lot, Tesla Autopilot software director Ashok Elluswamy said, according to a recent report from Reuters. The
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Chinese scientists enable vehicles to self-learn while self-driving

03/18/2023 — from Tsinghua University has made a breakthrough in autonomous driving, developing a technology that allows vehicles to self-learn while driving to deal with unfamiliar
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Cyngn Welcomes Ex Google and Seegrid, Carnegie Mellon Alumni Sean Stetson as VP of Engineering

05/09/2023 — develops and deploys scalable, differentiated autonomous vehicle technology for industrial organizations. Cyngn’s self-driving solutions allow existing workforces to increase
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Vueron Technology to launch eco-friendly autonomously driven cold-chain delivery

12/14/2022 — reveal its eco-friendly self-driving delivery truck—a safe autonomous driving system based on Vueron's advanced technology. Employing the company's self-driving permits issued
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Autonomous-Ready Vehicles to Be Added to Market in 2023 | Gartner

04/27/2023 — autonomous-driving-capable vehicles is fast, net additions of autonomous commercial vehicles remain low in absolute terms when compared with equivalent consumer autonomous vehicle
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Self-driving car startup Haomo.ai unveils low price delivery robot

05/24/2023 — ($12,767), which the company claims makes it the cheapest in the industry. The robot features autonomous driving capabilities suitable for navigating busy city streets in
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Foxconn’s EVs will be built with Nvidia’s self-driving toolkit

01/03/2023 — Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn and Nvidia announced Tuesday ahead of CES 2023 a partnership to develop automated and autonomous vehicle platforms. Under the two-part
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Autonomous Cars Global Market Report 2023

02/22/2023 — risk in the vehicle context. Full automation vehicles are a key trend in the autonomous car market.Full automation vehicles are capable of performing all driving functions
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Autonomous vehicle startup Argo AI is shutting down

10/27/2022 — Autonomous vehicle company Argo AI is shutting down. In an earnings report , Ford (a major investor in Argo AI) noted that the company is being wound down and that it
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Growth Opportunities in Autonomous Driving Platforms, EV Charging, and Batteries: Featuring Argo AI, GhostWave, Minus Zero & More

12/22/2022 — innovations profiled include solar panels minimizing EV charging, all-in one autonomous vehicle platforms enabling self-driving functionalities, bio mimetic autonomous platform
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Mobileye cuts revenue forecast on slow China EV demand, shares sink

04/27/2023 — credit - Reuters) Autonomous driving technology maker Mobileye Global Inc lowered its forecast for annual revenue on Thursday due to a slowdown in electric-vehicle
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GPR Appoints Former Mobileye Executive Moran David as Chief Executive Officer

01/17/2023 — highest performing assisted driving and autonomous capabilities through its Ground Positioning Radar™. As the world's most precise and reliable vehicle positioning system
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Bolstering the safety of self-driving cars with a deep learning-based object detection system

01/23/2023 — experience for the user, it is essential that an autonomous vehicle accurately, effectively, and efficiently monitors and distinguishes its surroundings as well as potential
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Cargo inspection, monitoring and securement in self-driving trucks

02/17/2023 — technology, a vehicle is configured to operate in an autonomous driving mode. The vehicle includes a driving system including a steering subsystem, an acceleration subsystem and a
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Autonomous Vehicle Companies Partner for European Deliveries

03/23/2023 — officer at Goggo. Oxbotica’s autonomous driving software is capable of driving both on and off road, in various weather conditions, low light and darkness, and able to
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Oxbotica and Google Cloud Unite to Accelerate Adoption of Autonomous Driving Solutions

03/28/2023 — expertise in cloud infrastructure with Oxbotica's market-leading autonomous vehicle software to create scalable, safe, and reliable autonomous driving solutions for any
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Opportunities and challenges for semiconductor industry in automotive applications (1)

01/23/2023 — General Motor's autonomous car subsidiary Cruise have also started to design their own L4 and L5 high-end ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) chips, but they now still
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Autonomous Driving: End-to-End Surround 3D Camera Perception System (NVIDIA)

04/10/2023 — perception of 3D world is essential to the autonomous vehicle. We introduce an end-to-end surround camera perception system for self-driving. Our perception system is a
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Cyngn Hires Felix Singh as VP of Engineering Services to Streamline Deployment Automation and Expand Customer Technical Support

04/11/2023 — deploys scalable, differentiated autonomous vehicle technology for industrial organizations. Cyngn’s self-driving solutions allow existing workforces to increase
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Waabi Unveils Adaptable Autonomous Driving System for Trucking

11/16/2022 — highway driving. “The Waabi Driver is the next generation of autonomous driving technology that is built for trucking,” said Waabi’s founder and CEO, Raquel Urtasun. “It’s been
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Ghost Autonomy Inc. Joins the Alliance for Automotive Innovation

11/17/2022 — self-driving for everyone. We build autonomous driving software for automakers, based on a breakthrough in artificial intelligence that finally makes highway autonomy safe
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