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China maps out plans to put astronauts on the Moon and on Mars

12/13/2022 — development of the aerospace industry,” Zhou said. Rong Yi, chief designer of the Long March 2F carrier rocket that took the Shenzhou 15 mission into space, said that on
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Pictures from space! Our image of the day

10/13/2022 — , August 26, 2022: NASA's Space Launch System moon rocket photographed by an Earth-observing satellite of U.S. company Maxar Technologies as it sits on the launch pad waiting
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China launches new crew for space station, with eye to putting astronauts on moon before 2030

05/30/2023 — Schiefelbein A Long March rocket carrying a crew of Chinese astronauts in a Shenzhou-16 spaceship lifts off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwestern China
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China to send 3 astronauts to own space station, eyes manned Moon mission

11/28/2022 — crewed spaceship will be launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in northwest China on Tuesday, the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) announced. The spaceship will
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NASA Fast Facts

11/16/2022 — after months of anticipation . The 322-foot-tall Space Launch System, or SLS, rocket lifts off at 1:47 a.m. ET. Atop the rocket is the Orion spacecraft, that breaks away
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China launches new crew for space station

05/30/2023 — A Long March rocket carrying a crew of Chinese astronauts in a Shenzhou-16 spaceship lifts off at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwestern China on Tuesday
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What space launches will take place in 2023?

01/01/2023 — This year has been a bumper one for space launches, with Artemis I, a giant weather satellite and the first private flight to the International Space Station among the
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The top spaceflight stories of 2022 brought us across the solar system

12/24/2022 — TikTok from space from astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti gives the Vulcan salute aboard the International Space Station
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Chinese spaceship with 3 aboard docks with space station

11/30/2022 — after the US and Russia to put a human into space using its own resources. The manned spaceship Shenzhou-15, atop the Long March-2F Y15 carrier rocket, blasts off from the
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50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landings recall great contributions of San Diego's aerospace industry

01/16/2023 — developed a version of Atlas to launch space vehicles. In 1958, one of these rockets placed the nation’s first communications satellites into space. The satellite broadcast
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China launches Shenzhou-15 manned spaceship, realizing historic crew gathering in orbit

11/30/2022 — carrier rocket, blasted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China at 11:08 p.m. (Beijing Time), according to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA
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Soyuz “Rescue” Spacecraft Flies to Space Station As SpaceX Crew Dragon Nears Launch

02/25/2023 — Kennedy Space Center. Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky One spacecraft is soaring toward the International Space Station ( ISS ) as another spaceship targets its launch to the
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China Space Station: Changeout of Crew Begins

05/30/2023 — Image credit: CCTV/CNSA/Inside Outer Space screengrab China’s Shenzhou-16 crewed spaceship successfully docked with the Tiangong space station on Tuesday. Following
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Biz Briefs – Vast Announces Commercial Space Station, Consortium Wins Euro Satellite Servicing Mission

05/17/2023 — signed satellite deployment or hosted payload agreements with FOSSA Systems, Hello Space, SatRev, and an unidentified picosat operator. Momentus also teamed with Astroscale U.S. for a joint proposal to boost NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to a higher orbit.
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This Week @NASA: Navigating the Lunar Landscape, Wide View of the Universe, SpaceX Crew-6 Launch

03/05/2023 — satellite constellations orbiting Earth and obtain the first-ever global navigation satellite systems fixed on the lunar surface. This technology could help provide precise
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Relive Firefly's 1st successful rocket launch with highlight reel (video)

10/11/2022 — Aerospace's Alpha rocket launches from Vandenberg Space Force Base on Oct. 1, 2022. (Image credit: Everyday Astronaut/Firefly Aerospace) Firefly will also launch for the
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China Prioritizes 3 Strategic Technologies in Its Great Power Competition

04/22/2023 — A Long March-2F Y12 rocket carrying a crew of Chinese astronauts in a Shenzhou-12 spaceship lifts off at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Jiuquan in northwestern
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Overview of ESA activities in 2011 relevant to media

05/05/2023 — Bourget, France ESA will be present in the biggest air and space event of the year. Location : Le Bourget, Paris (France) Date : 20-26 June Europe seen by ERS-2 satellite
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30 Years Ago, the ESA Almost Built Their Own Space Shuttle, Details Inside

03/18/2023 — Organization (ESRO). Established in 1964, the group consisted of the national air and space research groups of western Europe's most powerful nations in aerospace manufacturing
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China's manned space program attracts more public attention

09/29/2022 — Chinese astronauts to the space station core module, 98.3 percent of the 2,047 participants aged between 14 and 35 said they paid attention to the aerospace industry. The
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China launches new crew for orbiting space station, looking to put astronauts on moon by end of decade

05/30/2023 — Union and the U.S. to put a person into space under its own resources. A Long March rocket carrying a crew of Chinese astronauts in a Shenzhou-16 spaceship lifts off in
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Astronaut Samuel Durrance, 1943-2023

05/05/2023 — documents advertisements Sam Durrance, 1943-2023: An astronomer who launched twice on the space shuttle to use a telescope he helped to build, Samuel Durrance has died at 79
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Best Lego space sets 2022: Black Friday deals on NASA Lego sets, spaceships, Marvel, and more

11/17/2022 — ... City Space Lunar Research... LEGO City Rocket Launch... LEGO City Space Lunar Space... LEGO Creator 3in1 Shuttle... Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest
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Chinese astronauts meet in space for historic crew handover

12/01/2022 — by the 450-ton International Space Station led by NASA and Russia’s space agency. Liftoff of China’s Long March 2F rocket with the Shenzhou 15 mission, carrying a crew of
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Virgin Galactic releases roadmap for its new space tourist spaceship

11/04/2022 — help an Axiom astronaut get accustomed to weightlessness ahead of a flight to the International Space Station . The Houston-based company has three commercial flights with
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Boeing's Starliner on track to launch its 1st astronaut flight this spring, NASA says

02/25/2023 — space exploration, human spaceflight and other subjects. He has covered everything from rocket launches and NASA's Artemis 1 Space Launch System megarocket to SpaceX
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Max Q: Hubble hubble, toil and trouble

10/04/2022 — , used two of its funds to purchase about 729,000 shares of Rocket Lab. Astroscale’s British subsidiary opened a new, 20,000-square-foot satellite manufacturing facility in
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NASA’s Innovative Next-Gen Spacesuit for Space Station Missions

04/21/2023 — spaceship – will advance NASA’s spacewalking capabilities in low Earth orbit and at the International Space Station. Collins Aerospace, working with partners ILC Dover
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Ex-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Makes Surprise Visit to Myanmar

04/24/2023 — inconvenient at that time. A Long March-2F Y12 rocket carrying a crew of Chinese astronauts in a Shenzhou-12 spaceship lifts off at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in
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NASA and SpaceX launch first Native American woman into space. She brought a dream catcher her mother gave her on the mission.

10/05/2022 — stage of its Falcon 9 rocket. "You've got three rookies that are pretty happy to be floating in space right now and one veteran astronaut who's pretty happy to be back as
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China's space station Tiangong enters new phase of application, development

12/13/2022 — development. "China plans to build the space station into a state-level space lab supporting long astronaut stays and large-scale scientific, technological, and application
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Watch SpaceX launch 1st rocket of 2023 with EOS Sat-1 and 113 other satellites on Tuesday

01/02/2023 — rocket from SpaceX will launch the company's epic Transporter-6 rideshare mission at 9:56 a.m. EST (1355 GMT) from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. You can
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Changes Ahead as NASA's Human Spaceflight Head Plans Retirement

03/27/2023 — Award, 2020 Woman in Aerospace Leadership Award, 2022 Space Pioneer Award by the National Space Society, and IAASS' 2019 Leonardo da Vinci Lifetime Achievement Award. Upon
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Canada Earns a Spot Among NASA’s Artemis II Crew

04/03/2023 — American rocket. Canada was the third country, after the Soviet Union and the United States, to get a satellite to orbit. Canada’s space work force employs more than
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NASA picks a commercial partner to visit the far side of the moon

03/18/2023 — dark ages. Rendering of Firefly’s Blue Ghost lunar lander delivering NASA’s LuSEE-Night radio telescope to the far side of the Moon. Firefly Aerospace “We look forward to
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Ups and Downs in China-Japan Diplomacy

04/25/2023 — professor at the University of Tokyo. A Long March-2F Y12 rocket carrying a crew of Chinese astronauts in a Shenzhou-12 spaceship lifts off at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch
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See how NASA's new lunar mega-rocket sizes up to past and future astronaut launch systems

09/24/2022 — other astronaut-flying rockets. SLS is huge, but it's small for a moon rocket Let's start small. The rocket that carried Jeff Bezos to the edge of space in July 2021
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2 Earth-size worlds revealed beyond our solar system

01/14/2023 — by the Webb telescope. The Webb telescope confirmed the existence of an exoplanet for the first time since the space observatory launched in December 2021. The world
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Max Q: Icy

09/26/2022 — Innovation Challenge, a startup challenge for early-stage companies looking to use their tech on the Orbital Reef space station. Dawn Aerospace has completed Phase One testing
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SpaceX launch of Israeli satellite marks company’s 61st mission of 2022

01/03/2023 — A Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California, with the Israeli EROS C3 satellite. Credit: SpaceX SpaceX launched its 61st and final mission
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Max Q: Building on the moon and Mars

12/06/2022 — subsidiary to handle business with American government and defense partners, called Rocket Lab National Security LLC. ( TechCrunch ) Sierra Space has hired Tom Marshburn
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Follow Orion's trip to the moon with NASA Artemis 1 tracking website

11/18/2022 — Wednesday morning (Nov. 16). A Space Launch System rocket, on its first-ever mission, successfully sent an uncrewed Orion spacecraft toward the moon . Though the launch is
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Space is big, but not big enough

05/05/2023 — 2001, the Space Shuttle pushed the International Space Station away from a discarded Russian rocket booster that was due to pass uncomfortably close. Space litter is a
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Japanese rocket launch fails in blow for space agency

10/12/2022 — , Yamakawa said. Japan’s space programme is one of the world’s largest, and last week JAXA astronaut Koichi Wakata flew to the International Space Station as part of the
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